My name is Angela Britton, and I’m a multi disciplinary artist and designer based in London. My background in design lends a graphic and illustrative tilt to my work - I’m very drawn to symmetry, typography and form, be it organic or geometric.

A degree in History of Art & Philosophy has also provided inspiration - from Egyptian art, Bauhaus to Deco; vivid and symbolic images really spark my imagination. Most of my work is drawn in pencil, pen and gouache initially, then often enhanced digitally before being printed or silk screened.

You can usually find me at Canopy Market, Kings Cross from Fridays to Sundays, twice a month. I'll be there on Friday 4th - Sun 6th Sept, Friday 18th - Sun 20th Sept, Fri 2nd- Sunday 4th Oct and Friday 16th - Sun 18th Oct. See you there!